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Our Story


In 1968, husband and wife Don & Joanne Zumstein purchased the property across from the tavern they owned in Ridgefield, WA. Don and his son, Mike (age 12) began construction, literally building by hand, what we now know to be Don & Jo’s Drive-In.

All four of their children worked in Don & Jo’s, Mike all throughout his teenage years as a cook in the kitchen. It was there, in 1973, he met his high school sweetheart, Connie. They married in 1975 and Mike began a career logging in Woodland, WA. After having their first son in 1979 with another on the way, Mike and Connie decided to return to their roots and where they first fell in love -- prioritizing time with their growing family --  buying Don & Jo’s in 1982. They completed a thorough renovation, starting again from almost the ground up. 

In the upcoming decades, Mike and Connie would raise four children in the business, have the honor of working alongside over 300 employees, many of whom were children, grandchildren, family friends, and members of their community. 

Throughout the entirety of his time in business, Mike has made homemade soup and chili every morning without fail, paired with many seasons of making in-house donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and homemade bread, fueled by his love for baking.

The walls of Don & Jo’s are peppered with photographs of family, friends, newspaper articles, and mementos representing the numerous decades spent in business together. 

In summer of 2020, Mike and Connie celebrated 38 years in business and 45 years of marriage together. Mike’s parents, Don (92) and Jo (87) still live just few miles up the road and are thriving -- still happy, hardworking, and in good health.

Our Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 8pm
Sunday: Closed

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